Mindless (?) Escapism

Last night, rather than be bombarded with Spitzer-gate from all angles of the 24-hour news cycle, I decided to take in a movie that I had heard good word of mouth about, and knew something about already because I’ve followed the director’s films over the last several years. And hey, Oprah raved about it. That means it’s got to be good, right?

Across The Universe was rather good. A little thin in plot, but made up for by the acting, the production values, and most of all by the music. A sure sell for boomers who grew up with the Beatles, but this may also help to introduce them to one or two generations. Evan enjoyed it, and if a movie musical with 40-year-old songs can hold the attention of a teenager of the new millennium, that’s saying something. He only sent about three or four text messages in those two hours, which is an achievement to be sure.

There are numerous touching and beautiful scenes throughout the film. The most poignant for me were the funeral scenes scored to Let It Be. Jan was a big Beatles fan. This was tough to watch, but worth it.

Julie Taymor has been a visionary throughout her film and stage career. The Lion King on Broadway was just the start. Reading her bio, I found that she and Jan were born 9 days apart. If you want some excellent examples of her touch on film, rent Titus and Frida, but not before you spend some time with Across the Universe. If you have a teenager, make sure they’re home on movie night for this one.

A year ago today I was at St. Mary’s, after Jan was admitted following the stroke that began the end of her struggle, and perhaps marked only the beginning of mine. She had yet to fully regain consciousness, and I remember sitting next to her, speaking with the various specialists who came to take a look and level an opinion.

I wondered how long God would have her be like this, to what end it achieve. As it turned out, she woke up the next day and was reaching for me when I walked into the hospital room the next morning. We had a few weeks left, and while she could no longer speak she let me know how she felt.

This will be an interesting month.

Evan and I are hitting the road tonight for Spring Break. Luckily, the Geek Squad came through with my repaired laptop in time for the trip. Maybe there will be an opportunity for some travelogue. We’ll see.

Take care. Enjoy.

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