Almost Back

Des MoinesThe better part of 3 days of driving through steady downpours, construction delays, border checkpoints, and more construction delays (Chicago deserves a double mention) has me pretty much down for the count and ready to get back to a somewhat normal routine.

I’ve driven to Grand Junction from here before in a straight shot. It’s about 13 hours in good weather, and there is rain forecast for tomorrow. Having Evan to share the driving load will help, but I’m reserving judgment until I see what awaits in Nebraska and beyond.

We left Boston on Saturday and went through Buffalo (an over 100 year old Wright house is here), Niagara Falls (in a downpour – lovely), then across Ontario to Port Huron, Michigan, and southwest around Lake Michigan to Chicago’s northern suburbs, where my Aunt Fran lives with her husband Rich. Monday night brings us here, where hotel rooms are at a premium and truck traffic was pretty crazy.

It’s Tuesday morning, and a steady rain is falling here. It’ll be a fun day of driving…NOT.
It has been good to keep up with what’s going on in GJ, and this morning brought a nice surprise in the Sentinel.

Gus the therapy dog is a sweetheart; I’ve met him more than once. He’s part of a great program that is reaching its’ stride and is sorely needed as an integral part of the emergency response community.

You can follow Gus’ progress through his second hip replacement here. I certainly will. Looking forward to seeing Gus again soon.

In fact, it will be good to see my own house again soon, although there is someone I would prefer to be close to much more often who is far away. Miss you, babe.

My brother-in-law Mike is celebrating his birthday today. He is also being evaluated for admission to a head injury treatment program. The injury he suffered in April is continuing to present challenges for him, and I’m hopeful that he’ll be able to gain access to more specialized care in the near future. Happy Birthday, Mike.

Have a great day.

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