Much More than a Traffic Cop

It was nice to see the Daily Sentinel cover the retirement celebration for GJPD Officer Paul Frey. Paul has had a long and fruitful career in many aspects of Public Safety, and stands to continue to contribute to this most essential service of government in many unique ways.

In working with Paul for over 13 years, I can personally attest to the width and breadth of the specialized knowledge that he possesses, from motor vehicle enforcement and accident investigation, search and rescue and remote area operations, to radio system operation and administration.

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for several years in the planning and design of improvements to the county’s public safety radio resources. I’m now working with him as a volunteer on the Mesa County Search and Rescue Communications Team. Outside of the technology and processes, I’m essentially a city boy, and have a lot to learn.

Paul has also been very instrumental in developing additional radio resources for Mesa County’s EMS system, and competently represented Mesa County’s EMS providers for several years on the board of at least one statewide EMS organization.

Paul Frey is one of a rare breed of Public Safety professional, with diverse knowledge across multiple disciplines and a mastery of communications and incident management principles. His shoes will be difficult ones to fill, but if he’s true to his word he’ll still be active in other arenas, from Clifton Fire to teaching young drivers. We as citizens and fellow professionals will continue to reap the benefits of his involvement.

Congratulations, Paul, and best of luck.

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3 Responses to Much More than a Traffic Cop

  1. Linda Bowman says:

    John,Thank you for this well-deserved recognition and praise for Paul Frey. I am privileged to call him a friend.A well-deserved retirement after 35 years of service.

  2. John Linko says:

    Thanks, Linda. I’m in Pittsburgh viisting my girlfriend Leslie, and went to my 30th High School reunion last night.Former Steelers coach Chuck Noll often said at the advent of a player’s retirement that the player was going “to do his life’s work”. As you and I, and now Paul, are well aware, there is plenty of life’s work after the GJPD.Thanks again, and continued best of luck at the academy. John

  3. commutant says:

    Wow, Frey Daddy retired. Does this mean we’re all getting older?Also,Condolences about Jan. I hadn’t heard about that until recently.On a lighter note, congratulations on your escape from GJRCC!JerPS I still listen to that CD you made for me when I made my break.

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