Do It Yourself Annexation Protest

I’m still feeling unsettled. For better or for worse, it translated itself into fits of creativity punctuated with bouts of insomnia. Must be my version of spring fever.

I thought that I would try something different today. This would have been less frustrating with a faster computer, but I’m reluctant to let the old standby go to the scrap heap for something more up to date. I’m trying to resist becoming a pack rat that can’t let go of anything, and I’m pretty sure that I can’t rationalize keeping the old machine because I might just want to look at a 3.5 inch floppy someday. Let’s just say that this year’s spring cleaning is going to be interesting.

Anyway, this took way too much time, but it was fun. I’ll let the pictures and sound tell the story (I hope), and add more after this:

I prepared most of my remarks to City Council last night in advance. I’ve posted a revised version below for anyone who might be interested in re-visiting this topic with Council, every time there is a public hearing on an annexation. I’ll try to be there every time one is on the council agenda, so that these comments can be provided as part of the hearing, and duly recorded.

If you are a city resident concerned with the effects of continued annexation and/or the development that triggers it, then consider using the below as a template for your own annexation protest. Council needs to hear it regardless of whether they want to do something about it. The candidates running for Council seats in April need to hear it.

Given the city’s obligation to annex new development within the 201 Sewer boundary under the current Persigo Agreement, this effort may seem quixotic to some. I’m inclined to agree, but that doesn’t really change my opinion that the need to communicate our concerns to our elected officials is a significant part of our duty as citizens.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a few other windmills to joust with, a son to raise, a woman to love, and a life to get on with.

Have a great rest of the week.

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2 Responses to Do It Yourself Annexation Protest

  1. Gene Kinsey says:

    It is time to re-visit the whole annexation plan. And, I like your multimedia efforts. I, too, have an older computer. I found that increasing RAM boosted speed and the ability to work with pictures and movie maker. It is easy to plug in and there are several sites that sell the appropriate plug-ins for any computer.

  2. John Linko says:

    Thanks, Gene. Coming from you that’s a big deal. I appreciate your validation that I am not just some crazy person who likes to show up at council meetings.Having played with a Mac for about an hour in Mesa State’s media lab, I can attest to the night and day difference between the Mac and PC in handling video. Evan swears by the Mac.I’ve thought about more RAM, but have to see if I have any empty expansion slots. If I do, it’s a cheap and effective way to address the issue. Thanks for the reminder.

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