Graveyard Scatterbrain

I emerged Monday from what was a quiet, almost laconic Easter weekend (save for the excitement of watching golf, as contradictory as that may sound) into two nights of graveyard shift at the hospital. To follow the first night shift that I’ve worked in over two years was a session at the radio station Tuesday morning with 23 second graders, eager to record their Words.

After that came lunch with my co-producer, followed by a trip to the accountant to get my taxes, sign and mail the necessary paperwork, then head back to the house. By this time I was on autopilot to the bed for about 2 1/2 hours of sleep before getting up to do my second night shift.

I survived that surprisingly well, but today requires me to be up and active, mostly in the afternoon, and I hope that my circadian rhythms are up to the challenge. The night shift has made my Internet and computer-induced ADD all the worse, and as a result a few choice tidbits have been flitting their way in and out of my head. I’m going to try and list all of them before something else gets in the way of proper cognition, like the Penguins game tonight.

Give me a minute….

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