Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers I know. Considering that this is also graduation week, that’s quite a lot who I have known for a long time, from the time our children first walked into Kindergarten, onto the soccer field, or into their first meeting of Cub Scouts.

I’m fortunate to still have my mother, and she’s come out to celebrate her only grandson’s graduation. My brother and his wife will be joining us later this morning. We are going to treat my mother to a nice dinner and a glimpse of some of the unique scenery our area has to offer.

Evan has to work this Mother’s Day, and although I wish he could join us I also have to let him assume this responsibility as his own, do what he can, deal with both the pleasantries and the drudgery of the working world, and let him learn his way. Despite the significant challenges of losing his mother, he’s turned out to be a resourceful, resilient, and articulate young man, who I daresay is better prepared for some of this world’s more difficult realities than perhaps some of his peers.

He’s trying to get into Mesa State for the fall, and has a plan mapped out as far as what he wants to study. I have the means to help him out initially, but depending on how his plans and dreams shake out he may end up paying for some of his college education. That’s not a bad thing in my mind; I think that he will learn and be ready for whatever gets thrown at him, or adapt quickly.
In a world like ours today, that ability is invaluable.

There are pink tulips and purple irises adorning my girlfriend Leslie’s house today, and while she says she enjoys the flowers there is a reminder of the physical distance between us that the sentiment behind the flowers must somehow compensate for. I’m a better person with her close by. I miss you, baby.

It’s been a busy weekend with relatives coming in from out of town and having to work on Saturday, but with the cool evening breezes tempering the heat of the mid-spring day, and the sound of good music wafting into the neighborhood from the festival downtown, I’m feeling pretty good about the days ahead, but a little empty as well for those who are not with us.
To absent friends…

To add to the quiet satisfaction is the triumph of the Penguins again last evening. One more win and they’re halfway to the Stanley Cup. The first time they won it was in 1991, when two other things happened that I thought would not in my lifetime; that I would own a house, and have a child.

Despite the loss and disappointment over the last few years, I can truly say that I am blessed by the love of my family, including those who are far away. Thanks to all the moms out there; one way or another, we couldn’t have got here without you.

Enjoy the day and the week ahead.

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