DBD: Conservative "Repackaging"?

Grand Junction blogger Gene Kinsey has linked a couple of comics to the sidebar of his blog. One is the popular and on-the-mark funny Dilbert. The other is Day By Day, which has been published online since 2002.

DBD‘ appears to be the chronicle of the lives of several urban professionals, most of whom have a decidedly conservative point of view. I spent about half an hour flipping through the strip’s archives, and it seems that DBD’s creator, Chris Muir, has a pretty good bead on the conservative talking points of the day.

Not all people feel that way, and that’s certainly to be expected. Some of the talking points are extrapolated pretty well for just three panels, and the strip itself, while drawn in a less exacting fashion than others, certainly has a way of grabbing your attention, if the editions from today and yesterday are any indication:

OK, I’ll admit it, this caught my attention, while at the same time validating my suspicion that the strip (literally and figuratively here) isn’t published in any mainstream newspapers.

Well, if you’re going to go about bringing back interest in the conservative movement, here’s certainly a novel way of trying to accomplish that. I’m not sure this is what Michael Steele had in mind when he said yesterday that the Republican Renaissance is underway. I’m also not sure that this website will get through the firewall at Dr. Dobson’s fortress of solitude in Colorado Springs…

I’m suspecting that Gene Kinsey did have this strip in mind when he wrote yesterday that “Happiness is being old, male, and Republican“. Gene, you old horn dog, you…

Oh, by the way, just click on the ‘strips’ above if you want a larger version.

I would love to have a comic widget or two, but there is no such animal yet for some of my favorites, Luann and Doonesbury among others. I’ll keep an eye out.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week.

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2 Responses to DBD: Conservative "Repackaging"?

  1. Gene Kinsey says:

    John,Thanks for the link and comment on the strip. The DbD characters are married, and married conservatives know how to have fun too!

  2. John Linko says:

    Gene:I know the characters are married, and I don’t doubt that married conservatives know how to have fun. It’s just refreshing and a little surprising to see that portrayed in such an open and honest fashion, and in a manner most definitely not in keeping with the so-called “conservative base”. This is in keeping with what most in politics know already; Republicans have just as much fun as Democrats, they just hide it better.

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