Just Wondering….

These are my study materials for the next six weeks. The instructors are estimating 2-3 hours of study time per night, and more on the weekends. That’s fine with me, but I’m wondering if it’s worth coming back to GJ every weekend.
Some of my classmates are here from India, Luxembourg, Germany, and Nigeria, so they’re here for the whole six weeks. Maybe I’ll need to do the same thing, if only to maximize study time. I’d rather come back, though. We’ll see…

Special Event Invitation

Please Join
Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.
For a Doughnut Breakfast this Saturday in Grand Junction

He will will meet with local activists over breakfast to discuss the

economy, the state budget, local issues and the campaign.
Saturday, September 12th
9:45 AM
At Mesa State College at the Book Cleff Cafe
1020 Elm Avenue, Grand Junction, CO

The intersection of Elm Ave, and College Place

I received the above invitation this afternoon via e-mail.

I appreciate the efforts of Governor Ritter’s campaign

to gain credibility and generate support in a heavily

Republican area of the state, especially through an

event at Josh Penry’s alma mater.

I’m wondering how they expect to accomplish that when

there doesn’t appear to be anyone on his staff that knows

how to spell “Book Cliff”.

I’m in the process of learning my way around South Metro

Denver. While driving around I noticed the above buildings.

The building marked with the green arrow and the letter

“A” is the Arapahoe County Jail.

Given the most recent arrest of a pro football player in

the Denver area, I’m wondering if the proximity of this

facility to Broncos headquarters is coincidental or by design.

Have a good week.

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