Snowstorm Short Takes

Joliet, Illinois – Happy New Year, one week delayed.

After a week in the Pittsburgh area, Evan and I are driving back to Colorado, and are in the midst of a snowstorm that will make driving interesting later on this morning. We’re checking the weather to try and decide on the better route west, south to St. Louis and then I-70, or continuing through Iowa and Nebraska on I-80. Should be oodles of fun either way.

Pittsburgh was an interesting trip, insofar as the area and what I was doing there had me thinking introspectively. Visiting with Leslie was very nice, despite continued challenges in her life related to her youngest daughter’s health. Our relationship continues to grow and change, but not without challenges from within and without. I’ve got a fair amount on my mind about this and other issues. I need to have the time to put it together in a way that respects the significance of it to my life.

I’ve also got notes for other things to write about when I get back to Grand Junction. I did see a few things while I was away that were noteworthy for their candor and timeliness, and are worth your attention in the meantime.

Local blogger and friend Cynthia Transmeier led off the new year with a very interesting post. It’s basically 9 years of her life encapsulated into several revealing and honest paragraphs. I was very impressed with Cynthia’s story, and how she has persevered and maintained a positive attitude and a sense of humor amidst a lot of stuff going on. Faith is a large part of her equation, as is family. Cynthia’s post is definitely worth the time to read it.

The ACLU’s Colorado chapter has had a busy week, first with the announcement that the city of Englewood will not appeal a court decision allowing a mural on the side of a building housing a smoking accessories store. I’ve written about this previously. Nice to see that cooler heads are prevailing there.

Yesterday the chapter announced a settlement agreement with Jefferson County’s school district and Sheriff’s department for an incident that occurred just before the 2008 presidential election. It seems that there may be more than a few police agencies and school officials out there who need training on what is protected by the First Amendment and what isn’t. This relates in context to a series of posts here this past summer.

The plows are working hard outside, and it’s time to get moving. Praying for a deliberate and uneventful passage through this weather, and a safe return by the end of the week.

Stay safe out there.

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2 Responses to Snowstorm Short Takes

  1. No Doubt says:

    My wife and I took the same route from Ohio through Grand Junction to southern Utah. It was nice drive during the summer. I wouldn't want to do it now. Well…at least the snow will keep you on your toes. Have a safe drive. No…you don't know me. I'm just a fellow believer, led by G-d to pray for your safe journey.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog "props" I did not catch this before, and I really appreciate it…

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