Sign O’ The Times 6

There’s another community garden sprouting up in Downtown GJ. This one is in the 200 block of White Avenue, and will be overseen by the residents of St. Benedict Place, the housing complex operated by Grand Valley Catholic Outreach.

The garden is on land owned by the Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, and is directly adjacent the Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced rectory of St. Joseph’s Church.

This is an ad for the Airmall, the shops that occupy the concourses of the Pittsburgh Airport.
My mother worked in several shops there.
Every time I see it, my first reaction is, “Wow, I feel kind of sad for you”.

This is in a highly visible location in Downtown Grand Junction.
Well, I liked you OK, even if I didn’t support you the first time I got to vote for President in 1980. I realize that others have a much lesser opinion of your presidency, but either way the essential premise of this billboard is true.
After 8 years of George W. Bush, all doubt has indeed been removed.

My first car was one of these, without the camper features.
I miss it. The message is excellent.

I’ll have some more examples of this type of expression soon. Have a great day.

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