Sign O’ the Times 8

It’s been nearly four years since I wrote about the potential for change in the Downtown area of Grand Junction, given all of the vacant, unused property along one of its major streets, Grand Avenue.

Since that time, the face of Grand Avenue hasn’t changed all that much. The economy has certainly played a part in that, as evidenced by the sign above. The First Assembly of God property was initially sold, with plans to develop it along the lines of residential and commercial multi-use as identified for this area in the City’s Comprehensive Plan (24 dwelling units and/or 96 jobs per acre). Apparently, that has fallen through.

This is an impressive parcel, located at a major east/west thoroughfare and between the main north and south ingress and egress points for the Downtown area.

This location factor, as well as the property’s proximity to City Hall and the County Administration Center, makes me wonder if this wouldn’t be a better location for a Public Safety facility.

City Council and administration, what do you think?

Here’s a great example of “targeted” advertising. That’s Crossroads Wine and Spirits in the background. I wonder if the right wing goes to Fisher’s and the left..oh, never mind.

This is posted at the ticket office for the Box Canyon Falls in Ouray. Sorry that it’s a little out of focus. The scripture reference is Psalms 93:4.

From a little gift shop inside a historic building in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Enough said. Enjoy your day.

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