Sign O’ the Times 10 – Nighttime Edition

OK, the movie advertised at the bottom of the marquee has probably generated more ticket sales and more revenue than all the other movies at this theater combined. It’s been advertised with only half its name for at least three weeks.
Memo to the Carmike: If you’re willing to show the movie and make money from it, then you should also have the guts to advertise the movie by its full name.
Anything else smacks of hypocrisy, and you wind up making an “ASS” of yourself.

It seems that “NO HOA COV” (No Home Owners Association or Covenants) is now an attractive selling point for real estate in a soft market and a weak economy.

One wonders if it will be the same once both pick up again. Let’s hope so.
Also, I can’t help wondering if “IRR GATED” means “Irrigation, gated community”, or is the marquee suffering from a wandering “I”?

Sound advice no matter who or what is up for a vote.
Please vote today if you haven’t already. It IS important!
Thanks to Johnson’s for a timely and prudent message.

Have a great day.
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