Yesterday’s remembrance ceremony for those homeless persons in our area who have died was well-attended, and brought out the media in force. Coverage of the ceremony was the top story on at least one local station.

I didn’t have a specific person to remember, but I spoke with a few people who did; some of them told very poignant stories about that person to those assembled. Many spoke fondly of Christopher Pierce, who died December 5 in a tent near “The Point”.

One unfortunate note in the aftermath of the ceremony was the news report today that a man was found deceased in the area of the Central Library at 5th and Grand at about Noon yesterday. So while many were just a few blocks away remembering others, the local authorities were dealing with the passing of yet another homeless person on the streets of Grand Junction.

Sherry Cole of Grand Valley Peace and Justice wrote a responsive reading based on prayers for the homeless from different religious denominations, which was recited by those who attended.
I speaks to the spirit of those there better than I can.

Today, I bring my loving attention to this world which is immeasurable, a society of millions of people.

Today, I bring my loving attention to the smaller world around me, the people who belong to me—the members of my family, my friends, those who share in my worries, and strangers who unexpectedly cross my path.

Today, I remember those who have died on our streets without a house in which to live. I remember these men and women as rightful citizens of this world and our community.

Today, I remember them honorably. I give thanks for their contributions to this community. In their memory, I rekindle compassion, kindness and justice in my life.
Today, I gently open my heart to the loved ones left behind, their husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, children, parents, grandparents, fellow veterans, pets and all other relations.

Today, I respect your loss and contemplate its profound meaning to you. Each life brings a unique gift. I honor your feelings and support you as you remember.

Today, I redirect my passion for life in ways that honor every life in this community. I live from an open heart and open mind.

Today, in memory of these men and women, I dedicate my prayers and intentions to a healthy, safe and happy life for all our citizens.


Have a good week ahead.
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