Critical Mass Update – Edgeworth Chipotle

A little over six months ago, residents of Edgeworth Borough raised significant questions about traffic loading and safety in the wake of an attempt to develop a parking lot at Hazel Lane and Ohio River Boulevard into a McDonald’s Restaurant. 

I covered the issues about this failed development attempt, and the associated traffic concerns, in a post this past April.

The issue has rebounded into the public consciousness thanks to the front page story in last week’s Sewickley Herald, which reported a recommendation for approval of the development of a Chipotle restaurant at the site by the Edgeworth Planning Commission on November 11 – almost a month after the fact.

Council meets Tuesday evening -that’s tomorrow – with the Chipotle Development on the agenda.

While the development doesn’t require a variance due to the lack of a drive-thru, concerns remain among borough residents that the intersection can’t handle whatever amount of additional traffic is generated by this addition to the Edgeworth business district.

Herald Editor Bobby Cherry confirmed today that a reporter will be covering the meeting, and there will hopefully be a story posted online by Wednesday.

Improvements are needed to Hazel Lane on the commercial side of the Route 65 intersection to safely accommodate traffic flow generated by this development, as well as what exists now. If you’re concerned, attend if you can.

I’ll have more later, including information on other proposed land uses in the borough that may be a cause for concern.

Enjoy your week ahead.

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