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Critical Mass on University Boulevard

In the course of growing up and working in the northwest suburbs of Pittsburgh, I learned to develop a love/hate relationship with a stretch of road in Moon Township now known as University Boulevard. It’s been known by that name since … Continue reading

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Bordering on the Bizarre – The Shopping Center Splits

There are 130 separate municipalities in Allegheny County, dividing up the county’s 735 square miles in some unique, and in some cases historic, ways. Like those boundary lines, some of these communities are anachronisms, struggling to maintain relevance and viability amid economic … Continue reading

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The Fortune Cookie Files

A close-up of my wallet, AKA the file cabinet, before a recent cleaning. As part of my recent commitment to clean some things up, I started with one of the more essential components to the existence of most men – … Continue reading

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High Times on Poorhouse Run

Examining the future of a relic. Revisiting a not-so-distant area from my childhood in words and pictures, one that stands to weather changes that may affect us all. As an infant, my parents brought me home to an apartment above a … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Fuel Marketing Math

I’ve been struggling with how to begin a post about fuel prices; it’s kind of like writing about death and taxes. We all know that gasoline prices are high, and that a lot of it has to do with imported oil, … Continue reading

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Temporary Improvement – Permanent Inconvenience

The Allegheny Station of the new light rail North Shore Connector, with Rivers Casino in the background.When the new rail line opens March 25, the Port Authority’s 14 Ohio Valley bus line will end service here instead of continuing into … Continue reading

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Extreme Customer Service

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. The season of celebration and bustle that marks the arrival of high holy days for numerous religious denominations is upon us once again. I’m remembering more and more about how much Pittsburghers, … Continue reading

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Responding to Change -Non-Profit Nastiness

As most of us realize at some point in our lives, change is the only thing that remains constant. As old and overused as that may sound, it is no less true. People, and the groups and organizations that they … Continue reading

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Tone Deaf Public Radio

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and had a radio on a lot of the time. From early childhood through adolescence and into young adulthood (when the police scanner got a hold of me), my memories seem filled with … Continue reading

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The Character(s) of Camp Horne Road

For a week last month when Leslie and I were sharing one car, it became necessary for me to occasionally take the bus to work, or at least as close to work as it would take me. This required walking … Continue reading

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