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February / March Digest: Blessed are the Peacemakers…

Come, labor on! No time for rest, till glows the western sky, Till the long shadows o’er our pathway lie, And a glad sound comes with the setting sun, Well done, well done! Jane L. Borthwick, 1859, 1863. It’s been … Continue reading

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Some Digestible Portions

One of the more interesting e-mail newsletters I receive is Eat That, Read This by Adam Shuck. Mr. Shuck finds news stories from many local sources, and posts them with links and insightful, snarky commentary into a mostly daily e-mail digest. It’s a … Continue reading

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This Month in Personal History – The ‘Sewickley Malaise’

Forty years ago, the attention of the local, state, and national public health community turned toward Sewickley Borough and its municipal water supply. If you lived, worked, played, or were otherwise hanging out in the general vicinity of Sewickley, PA … Continue reading

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The Politics of Allergies

As a child, I was allergic to everything – or so it seemed. I had to watch myself. My brother had it worse – if exposed to certain allergens, he would basically vapor lock and require some type of emergency … Continue reading

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Local Asides and Updates – Play Nice

There are plenty of little issues swirling around the area this week that garnered more than the average amount of my attention span.  Rather than dive into one and try to flesh it out for all it’s worth (as has … Continue reading

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Sewickley Landing Zones – A Turbulent Journey

Over the last few years I’ve been observing the manner and location at which medical helicopters land in the Sewickley area, specifically when transporting patients from Heritage Valley Hospital Sewickley (HVHS) to specialty care facilities in the Pittsburgh area and elsewhere. Recent … Continue reading

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Square Pegs, Sadness, and Old Rock Stars

A voice is heard in Ramah,weeping and great mourning,Rachel weeping for her childrenand refusing to be comforted,because they are no more.                               – Matthew 2:18 I would like … Continue reading

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Light-Up Night: The Shadow Fireworks

Wow, it’s December already. The Thanksgiving weekend came and went quietly and uneventfully. Leslie, Gianna and I were the beneficiaries of a neighbor’s hospitality for holiday dinner.  That’s how it seems to go, what with working weekends and tending to … Continue reading

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Aurora Observations

                                                                          Karl Gehring – … Continue reading

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Construction Creates Chopper Confusion, Communication Challenges

The greater Sewickley area, with the Hospital and its most recent medical helicopter landing zones indicated. (Bing Maps) On a quiet Sunday afternoon last October, I was doing some household chores when the unmistakable hum of rotors overhead shook the … Continue reading

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