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Autumn / Winter Digest – Stories Likely and Unlikely, Updates and Farewells

The last few months of the year are typically busier and more hectic for me. As a result, I wind up filing away notes, electronic and otherwise, about things that happen in and around those last months. I then spend … Continue reading

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Summer Digest – Litigation, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Reflection, Intrusion

UPDATED Sept. 6, 2017 to clarify comments made by Anne Clarke Ronce.  The past several weeks have included some out-of-the-ordinary activities, including some time off from work along with some medical tests and procedures. To say that me and mine … Continue reading

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Post-Election Digest – Old, New, Absent, Through

In the six weeks or so since last month’s primary election, what sticks with me as the most distressing result was how many citizens didn’t think it worth their time to participate. According to Allegheny County, only 17.3 % of … Continue reading

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Quotations, Tribulations, and the Carol of the Bells

  I hope that your holiday season was joyous and uneventful. It’s been quite a while since I last posted here, and by many accounts since then our world has changed dramatically with the results of November’s election. I was … Continue reading

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Quaker Valley: A Great Year Ends with Crash, Thuds

  Quaker Valley High School held their commencement a week ago this past Monday. The district’s got a lot to celebrate, and a lot to be proud of. I could spend a lot of words highlighting many of the student and … Continue reading

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April / May Digest – A, B, C, D, E, and QV

Last month my excellent local dentist gave me the bad news that I needed a root canal where decay had crept in under an old filling. The involved tooth, while containing nerves and blood vessels, is also nourished by the … Continue reading

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Leetsdale – The Fire Next Time

Living in close proximity to a fire station can give you a familiarity with the routine of the people responding to fire and other emergencies. You can get a sense of the severity of an incident just by listening to … Continue reading

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Ambridge Book Challenge Highlights Importance of Free Expression

Happy Banned Books Week. Each year I post a link to the above page of the American Library Association‘s website to the sidebar of this blog. The website includes a comprehensive listing of challenges to books in libraries or schools across the country, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Gerrymandering, QV Style

March is typically a very busy month for me and mine – two birthdays and a wedding anniversary all converge within 15 days during that month. Combine this with watching our granddaughter and the usual challenges of working in a … Continue reading

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Quaker Valley’s OTHER Population Crisis

Earlier this month, Quaker Valley School District’s new Communications Director, Angela Yingling, put out an e-mail newsletter detailing a population imbalance in the district’s two elementary schools: Due to a change in demographics across the region and parent or district student … Continue reading

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