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Change in Sewickley, Part 2 – Picture Shows, Parking, Phones, and Left Turns

  At the end of March, I posted the first in a short series about changes both in progress and on the horizon in Sewickley Borough’s business district. Below are some additional things that I’ve noticed. First, an update about … Continue reading

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Summer / Autumn Decennial Digest

The days are moderating into the familiar, blessed coolness that brings with it the anticipation of harvest festivals, apple cider, and pumpkin spice everything. I’ve been collecting things to summarize – things that I’ve touched upon before, things that are … Continue reading

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February / March Digest: Blessed are the Peacemakers…

Come, labor on! No time for rest, till glows the western sky, Till the long shadows o’er our pathway lie, And a glad sound comes with the setting sun, Well done, well done! Jane L. Borthwick, 1859, 1863. It’s been … Continue reading

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Some Digestible Portions

One of the more interesting e-mail newsletters I receive is Eat That, Read This by Adam Shuck. Mr. Shuck finds news stories from many local sources, and posts them with links and insightful, snarky commentary into a mostly daily e-mail digest. It’s a … Continue reading

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Edgeworth Land Use Activity Raises Concerns, Eyebrows, Hackles

  ADDENDUM,  January 18, 2016 – Several of the below issues are on the agenda for Edgeworth Council’s consideration at their monthly meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, January 19, at 7:00 pm. Local media has indicated they will be present. The possibility … Continue reading

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Critical Mass Update – Edgeworth Chipotle

A little over six months ago, residents of Edgeworth Borough raised significant questions about traffic loading and safety in the wake of an attempt to develop a parking lot at Hazel Lane and Ohio River Boulevard into a McDonald’s Restaurant.  … Continue reading

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Critical Mass on Ohio River Boulevard

As a daily commuter along Route 65 (AKA Ohio River Boulevard), I am often challenged by driving habits seemingly influenced by haste, carelessness, inattentiveness, and/or ignorance.  In fairness, I must admit that some of these habits are my own as well. I … Continue reading

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The Politics of Allergies

As a child, I was allergic to everything – or so it seemed. I had to watch myself. My brother had it worse – if exposed to certain allergens, he would basically vapor lock and require some type of emergency … Continue reading

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Ambridge’s Last Picture Show? Maybe Not…

I suppose it’s fitting that the 1971 film classic The Last Picture Show is playing this month on Sony Movie Channel.  Aside from the obvious, almost trite use of the title to describe the gradual decay of small-town America in … Continue reading

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Not a Slow News Day in Sewickley

As you may already know, the parent company of Patch has laid off all of its Pittsburgh-area editorial staff, while leaving the local Patch sites intact. As Halloween approaches, I’m looking for a zombie metaphor to describe the present condition … Continue reading

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