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Summer Digest – Litigation, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Reflection, Intrusion

UPDATED Sept. 6, 2017 to clarify comments made by Anne Clarke Ronce.  The past several weeks have included some out-of-the-ordinary activities, including some time off from work along with some medical tests and procedures. To say that me and mine … Continue reading

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Change in Sewickley, Part 2 – Picture Shows, Parking, Phones, and Left Turns

  At the end of March, I posted the first in a short series about changes both in progress and on the horizon in Sewickley Borough’s business district. Below are some additional things that I’ve noticed. First, an update about … Continue reading

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Change in Sewickley: Character Matters, But to Whom?

My wife and I were both born in Sewickley Valley Hospital during the month of March. While we have both also lived in other regions of the country for extended periods of time, the bulk of our formative years were … Continue reading

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This Month in Personal History – The ‘Sewickley Malaise’

Forty years ago, the attention of the local, state, and national public health community turned toward Sewickley Borough and its municipal water supply. If you lived, worked, played, or were otherwise hanging out in the general vicinity of Sewickley, PA … Continue reading

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‘Forgotten Sewickley’ Revisited

Happy New Year, plus one month. It’s been almost 3 months since I last wrote here. The holidays and weeks since were eventful ones, filled with stress, joy, and associated craziness. Challenges were endured, loved ones from afar were welcomed … Continue reading

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